The bowls season is from mid April to mid September. Members can use the green at any time during daylight hours. Non-members can come to our roll- ups, which are non-competative and which take place every Monday and Thursday afternoons. We do have sessions some evenings,depending on demand and the weather in April. We do offer basic coaching sessions to anyone who is new to the game and is considering joining. ( These are pre-arranged)

We play in 3 leagues, 2 are in the evening and one is on Tuesday afternoons.

SDBL DIVISION 4- will be new for us in 2022. 12 players play with 2 woods in teams of 3. This league is good for bowlers of all abilities.

NORTH LINCS TRIPS- We are in league 1 for this. It is 3 woods with 9 players in teams of 3. This is a more competitive  league. We try to play some less experienced bowlers in this league to give them experience.

AFTERNOON TRIPS - This is again 3 teams of 3 and 3 bowls. Again a good league for less experienced bowlers.

There are also competitions across the county that take place on a saturday or sunday and are all day events. This is a good way to quickly gain experience and are fun days.



Membership is £25 per season

non-members £1 per session

Match fees are £2

2021 was particularly successful for new members. 6 of them had never played bowls before and 4 were playing in league matches the same season.