A group of business professionals from Barton upon Humber were originally responsible for the formation of the club in 1919. It was then called the Barton-upon-Humber Bowls and Tennis Club. To become a member in 1919 you would have had to pay the subscription which was set at the sum of £4 per annum.

The site purchased was quite a sizeable area of land situated on the corner of Brigg Road and Park Avenue. It included 4 tennis courts and the bowling green which is still the club's present home. The new club agreed to having a set of trustees who would make the major decisions regarding the club and this has continued up to the present day with this group having the final say on important matters such as the selling of some of the land.

Due to a lack of interest in the tennis side of the club it was decided in the 1960’s to sell off an area of land which included 2 of the tennis courts to the south of the green. In 1981 another parcel of land was sold off and then in 2006 with very little interest in tennis in the club and the courts being used so infrequently it was decided to sell off the land containing the last of the courts. This sale for residential developments realised quite a substantial sum of money and made it possible for the club to greatly improve the facilities at the club.

The remaining money has enabled the club to have a excellent sound financial footing in which to continue to operate. This money has allowed the club to undertake other work around the site and between 2008 and 2010 a number of significant improvements have taken place including the renewal of wall surrounds and fencing and finally the erection of a new clubhouse. This building now has modern facilities such as a purpose built kitchen area, toilets and a large open area for changing and can hold all the members for the annual general meeting.

Barton Brigg Road joined the Barnetby League over 40 years ago and also joined the Scunthorpe and District League in 1992 where we are now currently in the first division. We also take part in the Triples League usually held on a Tuesday afternoon.

The club at the moment has about 40 members many of whom regularly take part in the different league matches. During the bowling season we meet for a “Roll Up” every Monday and Thursday afternoon so long as the weather is decent and we always welcome anyone who would like to give it a try for the first time, or an experienced player. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, welcoming club.

Whilst the original site of the club in 1919 may have changed quite significantly over nearly a century we are proud of the facilities at the club and think that it is in good stead to last another 100 years. We had an excellent year in 2019 when we celebrated our centenery. We had a friendly competition with our friends from the Park Bowls Club.